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Find friends, acquaintances, new compatible and incompatible people and people who have the same interests, professions, likes, etc.

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Find the best company using basic compatibility with tastes, ages, location, goals, status, professions or uses compatibilities by a synonym or zodiac sign on the main page ...

In the bottom of the main page you will find infinite possibilities like:

Hyperlinks that helps you find easily and quickly what you are thinking, sites of interest in your locality, city, country, continent. Opportunities to buy, sell, things in general, lease real estate. Offers jobs, offers your professional activity or business, the latest technology, sites and advertisements of all kinds, services, news, educational loans and more ...
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You must fill all fields (*) Otherwise is not going to be recorded in the system; If you do not want to answer or fill some space you must place No Disp. A letter or number Use only your first name without last names. Keep in mind that the cell phone space is a contact option but can be used by any person and purpose (Use your own discretion and responsibility when using this field). In the text or description field you could write attributes, expectations, goals, form of contact, etc. Not Available Or a letter. In the case of the dropdowns select the option or No Disp. When there is no other option or the desired selection. The information provided in this form of your day, month, year of birth are required and used by the program to find your compatibilities. This data is not shown on your profile nor provided to anyone. The profiles are accessible to registered people and visitors showing the information that your conscious and suitably agree to show therefore use your discresion and common sense General recommendations. If you do not want to use your personal photos leave the space blank and the system will place a predetermined interrogation icon or use a custom icon. (Explicit or sexually explicit photos are not allowed)..The form shows where you are in which city you are, what you are looking for, likes, profession and additional...
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